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We bring transformative solutions into organizations by delivering digital outcomes

You won't find another partner who combines the research, analysis, modeling and strategy development of a traditional consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex IT solutions at a nation-wide scale.

By bridging business and technology objectives to drive operational efficiency, Novum delivers tangible business outcomes faster. Our holistic approach is based on human-centered design expertise. We turn your data into a differentiator as we develop and implement end-to-end solutions.

With real-world experience that spans industries and continents, we know how to drive operational efficiency and solve complex IT issues. Our agile approach not only saves you time and money, it ensures the right outcomes for your business.

From healthcare to education and beyond, our team brings years of hands-on expertise and leadership to each engagement. Our goal is to deliver strategy and execution needed to create positive disruption, enrich lives and help organizations make a new world happen.


Strategic Resourcing

We’re not in the business of delivering people. Our mission is to deliver exceptional experiences, expertise and enhancements to your IT teams on a long-term basis. Our ability to find the right resources at the right time — combined with our ability to provide a level of support and reach back that far exceeds industry standards — truly sets us apart.

Whether you need on-site or remote resources, our flexible models can fill nearly any IT skills gap. From complex technology implementations to operational support, our diverse talent pool maintains certified credentials that span the technology spectrum.

With our support, transforming businesses globally, Strategic Resourcing is the right service to accelerate your digital journey. Plus, our skilled resources can be consumed as needed at a price point that won’t disrupt your operational expenses.

How we help

Project-related work

Regardless of the size of your project, our experts can add value. From sourcing entire project teams to handle mission-critical tasks, to finding the right person to supplement overburdened and short-handed project teams, we’ve done it all. We also have experience building and embedding technical teams to work in IT departments alongside our clients' day-to-day operations teams.

Close skillset gaps

Businesses often need a technical resource but have no one in house with the right skills. This often occurs when an organization needs to implement and operate newly purchased technology. To compound the issue, companies typically have trouble hiring a unique or in-demand skillset. In each case, Strategic Resourcing can help close that gap. By using our training division, we attract young talents from universities that have passion to contribute.

Extending IT teams

Alternatively, some businesses might need additional headcount to supplement existing staff with day-to-day work, but need the freedom and flexibility for that headcount to fluctuate with demand. Strategic Resourcing's designated and dedicated models help here, too, as they offer the flexibility to extend IT teams at the speed of your business. We provide experienced resources to fulfill requirements or just can manage hiring process from A to Z, completely.

When headcount isn’t an option. Technical Support

This offering provides clients with technical expertise in easy to consume packages, starting with :

For business leaders who don't have the budget/approval to add permanent headcount but are able to add a contract position, we offer two flexible models:

Dedicated resourcing: Typically, 40 hours per week for three to six months. Fully dedicated resource that serve as a full staff employee and available any regular working time.

Designated resourcing: 20 hours per week of remote work, 13 weeks at a time, to support/consult ongoing requests and backed by our team of professionals.

We customize our approach to fit each customer's resourcing goals and budget.

Those experts are currently available in the following technology areas: route/switch, unified communications, firewall/cybersecurity, wireless, storage, virtualization, F5, and software development (Java, .NET, SQL).

To better assist clients in today’s challenging and virtual environment, Novum is ready operate with those models based on Remote Worker concept with frequent or very rare onsite visits depending on requirements.

Key consulting capabilities

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