Artificial Intelligence & IoT

We use Microsoft Cognitive Services to build AI-oriented solutions and integrate hardware (IoT)

We use Microsoft Cognitive Services and technologies like TensorFlow and Python OpenCV to provide high-quality solutions in Face and Object Detection. Currently, we use these technologies to provide traffic counters in Shops and Boutiques and integrate them with CRMs to provide precise, more adjusted sales planning and employee performance evaluation. Moreover, we expand algorithms to apply to different areas like education or production. Our AI development services include:

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.

Business Intelligence

Our AI engineers create and perform strategies to execute optimization, customer analysis, forecasting, and performance analysis.

Computer Vision (Face Recognition)

Our AI experts have developed solutions for the recognition of objects and classification of images using Amazon Rekognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search.

ChatBot Development

We engineer chatbot solutions that act like human being. Our team develops chatbots that facilitate personalized interaction to increase loyalty and customer retention.

Our AI Development work across industries

Retail Industry

Analyze customer behavior, improve inventory management, reduce customer churn and enable customized recommendations with the power of AI-based applications.


Automate claims management, leverage AI chatbots to improve user interactions, identify and mitigate risks and provide customer-focused services.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Facilitate receipt and invoice processing, automate tedious data-related tasks and enhance customer experience with AI’s capability.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the process of adding internet connectivity into physical devices forming a network that includes buildings, vehicles, electronics, and much more. IoT adds the potential in working of the connected business as well as home infrastructure. Generates the atmosphere of an exclusive service across businesses from scratch to end. Makes devices able to interact over the internet and they can be monitored remotely.

How can IoT help my business?

IoT will help businesses keep track of the availability of raw materials, product expiry, equipment, tools, and machines while maintaining a prompt supply to customers. This will ensure streamlined business flow along with timeline and cost optimization. It also provides tremendous business opportunities that lead to increased revenue generation. It enables businesses to take decisions wisely and promptly, and take corrective measures well in advance.

  • Access to Valuable Data (Sales; Equipment; Supply; Workplace; Enviroment)
  • Better Understanding of Customer Demand and Behavior
  • Improved Inventory Management
  • More Cost-Effective Operations
  • Enhanced Remote Working Options

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